Get Google Assistant in 5 ways in any non-rooted or rooted Android phone

With the launch of Google Pixel and Pixel XL, the Google Assistant made its debut in Android world and entered the mind of techies. Since its release, app developers are trying to get Google Assistant in non-pixel Android smartphones. So, in this article, we are going to discuss 5 different ways to get Google Assistant in any Android phone, rooted or non-rooted.

Get Google Assistant in non-rooted or rooted Android phone

Get Google Assistant in non-rooted or rooted Android phone

Out of these 5 methods, 3 methods are for rooted phones, and 2 methods are for non rooted Android phones.
But firstly, let’s know a bit about the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the new AI virtual assistant by Google, which is currently available only for Google Pixel devices.
It is considered as a successor of Google Now and Now on Tap. While it offers new and much better features, it also inherited the old functionality and Google feel.

Google Assistant offers a chat type interface, and now has its own unique personality too.
It is now compared with Apple’s Siri too, which is an old player in this field.

• With that much being said, let’s discuss on the methods or ways to get Google Assistant in any non rooted or rooted Android phone:

For Rooted Android Phones:

1. Using Assistant Enabler Xposed module:

For it, your phone must be rooted and running Android Marshmallow or higher.

So, firstly you need to download and install Xposed framework on your device. If you don’t know what it is, just Google it.

Then download the Assistant Enabler module and install it [Click here to download the Assistant Enabler module].

Next, go to Xposed installer>>Modules and activate the Assistant Enabler module.

Now, you just need to download and install Google app 6.4.21 and install it. Then you must reboot the device for changes to take place.

Finally, after your Android phone boots up, long press the Home button, and you should be greeted by the Google Assistant.

2. Using N-ify Xposed module:

In this method, you have to install an Xposed module known as Android N-ify, this will make your smartphone behave like Android Naugat. So it will result in Google app thinking that your device is eligible for Google assistant.

For this, you have to install the N-ify module from the Play Store, link is given below. The steps to install it are the same as in assistant enabler module (see above).

[Click here to download Android N-ify module from Play Store.]

3. Editing Build.prop file manually:

Basically, in this method you will be editing your Android device’s build.prop file manually to name your device Google Pixel XL. Then Google app will see your device as Google Pixel XL, which in turn will allow you to use Google Assistant in your Android smartphone.

For it we will be using a build.prop editing app to open and edit the build.prop file. One such app is Build.prop Editor, you can download it here.

Firstly, you have to install this app in your Android phone, then open it and start editing the build.prop file.

Then scroll down and find this line:
ro.product.model=[YOUR DEVICE]

And replace your device’s name to Pixel XL, i.e. the above line should look like this:
ro.product.model=Pixel XL

Now, you have to add this line just below the above line.
[Note: this line should be in its own seprate line]

After it, you can just save the build.prop file, and then reboot the device. Once your Android phone is booted again, go to Apps, and go to Google app’s settings. Just clear its data and cache.

Lastly, once you long press the home button, you should be greeted by the Google Assistant. Congratulations, you have got the Pixel-exclusive feature in your non-Pixel Android phone.

So, that was for rooted phones.
Now, we are going to discuss the ways to get Google Assistant in any non-rooted Android Smartphone.

For non-rooted Android phones:

4. Using flashable ZIP files:

For this method to work, you will need a custom recovery like TWRP installed in your phone. Also, you must unlock the bootloader of your Android smartphone.

You just have to flash the Zip file, and they will edit the build.prop file without root. So, just boot your phone in recovery mode, and flash the two files.

Then, you have to reboot the device, and clear the Google App’s data and cache.

Now, just long press the home button to use your Google Assistant in your non-rooted Android smartphone.

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5. Using Google Assistant in Allo app:

This is by far the easiest method in the guide. You just have to go to Google Play Store, and search and install Allo app. 

That’s it, you can use the Google Assistant inside the Allo app. However, you won’t get the full functionality of Google Assistant, nor it will be available on pressing the home button.

Tip: You can setup some gesture using any launcher/gesture app to open Google Allo quickly.


So, that completes our guide to get Google Assistant in any non rooted or rooted Android phone.

If this guide helped you, or you know any other way to get Google Assistant, please let me know in comments below.

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