[Complete guide] Make your phone look exactly like Google Pixel (No root needed)

Make any Android phone look like Google Pixel

Make any Android phone look like Google Pixel

Since the launch of Google Pixel smartphone, it has been in techbuzz. And of course, many of us want to try its feel in our non-pixel phones.
For that I have made this guide to get Google Pixel like launcher and apps on any android phone. This guide is divided into different sections, each describing one part of imitation.

All the apps and methods in this guide can be used on nonrooted phones.

This guide will tell you about getting Google Pixel’s :

  • Launcher
  • Wallpapers
  • Status Bar and notification panel
  • Dialer app
  • Camera
  • Google Assistant

So Let’s start>>

1. Launcher:

For getting the launcher like the one in Google Pixel, we strongly recommend Nova Launcher beta 5.0 which gives many features like Pixel’s Launcher, like Google search pill, new calendar widget, slide-up app drawer, folder appearance, app-shortcuts (quickcuts), and much more. So, click here to download the Nova Launcher beta 5.0 apk now

Also you can download Nova Launcher Prime (version D) apk to unlock paid features of nova launcher. Click here to get it for free.
(However, if you wish to use the very original Google Pixel launcher, than you can download it here. Remember to download Google wallpaper picker apk also, else the app will not work. Download wallpaper picker here.)
So, this is how you get Google Pixel like launcher.

2. Wallpapers:

No customization is complete without choosing wallpaper. So you also need to use Google Pixel’s original (stock) wallpapers. Click here to get Google Pixel’s stock wallpapers.

3. Status bar and notification panel:

If are running Android KitKat or Jellybean, then you also need to get Material-designed colored status bar and notification panel for best feel. Also if you are having a tweaked UI (like on Samsungs devices) you need to use the app below to get stock Android N like status bar and notification panel.
Click here to get Android N like notification panel and status bar.


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4. Dialer app for calls:

If you run on Android 6.0+, you can also get Google pixel like dialer application. Click here to get it.

Google Pixel phone app

Google Pixel phone app

If you don’t have Android 6.0+ device, you can download Google Dialer app for free from Google Play Store.

5. Camera:

If you are using Android 7.0+, you can download the stock Google pixel original camera app. You can download the stock Google Pixel camera app here.

Else, you can download any older version of Google Camera app from the web to get the feel of the stock app.

6. Google Assistant:

Google Assistant, no doubt, is the major highlight of the new Google Pixel.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

So, you can atleast try it’s preview on your phone using the Google Allo app for Android. Download it here.
So, that completes our guide to make your Android phone feel like Google Pixel. If you have any other ideas, feel free to tell us about it in comments.


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