Download latest iLauncher apk, the best iphone launcher for free

[This article is for downloading iLauncher apk]
Android offers a lot of customization options, one of which is changing launchers. So, their are hundreds of apps on Google Play Store which offer iOS or iPhone like experience to the users. But most of them are not satisfying. There was one original iLauncher which exactly imitated the animations, menus etc. of an iPhone. But suddenly, it disappeared from Play Store. So, here we are providing you the download of latest version available of iLauncher, that is iLauncher apk.

Download iLauncher latest apk,

Download iLauncher latest apk

Features which make iLauncher the best iOS or iPhone launcher to download:

  • Lite size of apk, less than 4 MB .
  • Exact same animations like iPhone’s latest iOS
  • New flat icons
  • Original iOS icons
  • Same app launch animations.
  • Swipe up to search from music, contacts, SMS, apps etc. directly from iLauncher.
  • Font, icons size customization.


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So, with these features, iLauncher is no doubt the best iPhone/iOS launcher which you can download below.

Direct download iLauncher apk for free:

Click here to download iLauncher apk.

So, you can download iLauncher apk from the above link, but we found some license issue and it just shows a message “iLauncher is not licensed” and stops.

However you can try apk, it is exact same like, without any noticable changes. And it works without any issues.

Click here to download iLauncher apk for free now

So, that completes our article about downloading iLauncher apk. Hope you liked it.
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