Facebook Lite lagging and not working properly on Redmi Note 3, know how to fix it

Fix Facebook Lite lagging problem on Redmi Note 3

Fix Facebook Lite lagging problem on Redmi Note 3

If you have Redmi note 3, then you must have noticed Facebook Lite app is not working properly on it. But there is a rare version of this app which works perfectly and smoothly on Xiaomi Redmi note 3. But, first let’s know some details about this issue.

On which devices is it happening?

This issue can be seen while using Facebook lite app on Redmi Note 3, surely, but we can’t say about other Xiaomi devices.

What is the issue?

While using the app,

  • The app lags a lot.
  • Scrolling is not smooth at all
  • While scrolling, pages seem to be jumping rather than moving.

If these issues occur with your phone, then you are at right place. The app download on this page will surely fix it up.

Download the rare working version of facebook lite for Redmi Note 3:

So, now let’s get into the main thing, solving the problem.

So, you can download the rare version of Facebook Lite which works properly on Xiaomi Redmi note 3 by this link below the email form:


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Click here to download the rare Facebook Lite app (apk) now.


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