[100% working] Send Emails from your wordpress site when your host blocks PHP mail() and SMTP

Many a times, sending email from your wordpress blog can be quite troublesome. It’s because many web hosts, mostly free or cheap shared hosts,  block the PHP mail() and wp_mail(). Then you might try SMTP, but find that it is unusable too. So we have found the perfect way to send emails with hosts which block mail() and SMTP. Continue reading the article to know how to do it.

Send emails by WordPress on blocked wp_mail()

Send emails by WordPress on blocked wp_mail()

Why you should not send emails with php_mail() or wp_mail()?

Even if your host supports php_mail and wp_mail, I don’t recommend you to send emails with this method. The reason is that these methods often result in lost emails in the server, or emails in the spam folder. And this is, of course, not something you want.

Sending Email with SMTP, but which SMTP is best?

So, you must have understood that it is best that you send all your emails with SMTP. This can be done by using any SMTP plugin to route all the mails through an SMTP server (if you have tried it and it is not working, then don’t worry, we have a surely working solution for it 😉, so you can just keep reading the article).

But now the question arises that which SMTP server is the best the best?

You must have guessed it, Gmail is the most popular email service today, so I recommend you to use its free SMTP. In this way you can send all the emails through your personal email account and they are less likely to land in the spam folder. You can send it 2000 emails per day, and the best part is that it is for free.

We will also tell you about the settings for connecting with Gmail SMTP further in the article.

How to send emails from WP site if your webhost blocks php_mail(), wp_mail() and SMTP?

Now, let’s get into the main topic. What to do if your webhost blocks all the resources needed to send emails?

The answer is to use a plugin which can route all the wp_mail() emails to SMTP via. https. And one such plugin, which serves the exact same purpose in Postman SMTP (Know more on wordpress.org).

Postman SMTP

Postman SMTP

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By using Postman SMTP, you can send emails through SMTP, even via https if needed. And setting up the plugin is also very easy, because it has a setup wizard.

Notable features of Postman SMTP:

  • Send emails via https
  • Auto detects SMTP address, port and security needed. You just have to enter email address.
  • Great setup wizard.
  • Supports Oauth 2.0 for gmail, yahoo etc.
  • Works with all other plugins which use wp_mail() to send emails.
  • Detailed logs, connectivity test, diagnostic test.

So, just go ahead and use it. It’s actually a great plugin that works as expected.

Ideal settings for using gmail SMTP:

Postman SMTP plugin automatically detects and sets itself up according to email address you have provided. But if you need to manually configure it, or any other plugin, you can use these settings for gmail:

  • SMTP address: smtp.gmail.com
  • Encryption: TLS
  • Port: 587

So, that’s it for this article. I hope this resolved your issue, and you start sending emails without any problems.

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